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James Turk: Guld och silver har nått en viktig bottennivå

King World News har intervjuat James Turk som tycker sig se att guld och silver har nått en viktig bottennivå och pekar bl a på den ovanliga situationen på oljemarknaden där Brent handlas över WTI, den negativa inställningen till guld och COT rapporten (som visar på rekordlåga långa positioner bland sk ‘managed money’) som viktiga orsaker.

Nedan är intervjun med Turk i sin helhet:

James Turk – Gold & Silver Have Reached an Important Bottom

With volatility continuing in gold and silver, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of Spain.  When asked about the action in precious metals Turk responded, “Through Friday’s close on the LBMA, silver remained in backwardation, even by the numbers reported on the LBMA’s site.  The strong bounce on Friday after the option expiration combined with the backwardation is clear evidence that silver doesn’t want to stay down here in this area and is ready to move higher.

“If we get silver above $28.70, that will reverse the trend followers from short to long.  The number on gold is $1,378.  This is what is going to take gold and silver to new highs.  You will see open interest expanding as people who were shaken out come in and put on long positions.

You have to keep in mind Eric that this little shakeout over the last couple of weeks has done nothing to change the very bullish fundamental factors that have been driving gold and silver higher.  Most significantly the CRB CCI (Continuous Commodity Index) is at record highs.  There is simply too much money being printed around the world and this monetary debasement is behind the ongoing bull market in gold and silver.

There is a relationship between Brent Crude and West Texas Intermediate with WTI normally trading at a premium to Brent Crude.  However, over the last couple of weeks, Brent has climbed to a huge and record premium over WTI and has remained in the high 90’s.  At one point Brent was trading as much as $12 higher than WTI which is unheard of.

The significance of the way these two oils are trading is that Brent is a more accurate reflection of global oil prices and is therefore mirroring the record high prices we are seeing in the global food indexes.

Given the usual close correlation between the CCI and global crude oil prices and gold and silver, we can reasonably conclude that the correction in gold and silver is over and that the precious metals are going to start climbing higher.

As further evidence that we have reached an important low, bullish sentiment and the commitment of traders report are at levels seen at important bottoms.

For those of you who are making monthly purchases of physical gold and silver, continue to do so and do not try to time these markets.  Evidence is mounting that both gold and silver are putting in a floor to the downside near these levels.  It will be interesting to see how high the next rally takes them.

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Vad USA verkligen tycker om krisen i Egypten

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Rådgivare till Kinas centralbank uppmanar till ökning av guld och silver reserverna

För de som behöver ytterligare bevis för att det princip är omöjligt för guld att falla under 1000 dollar (sannolikt även 1200 dollar) och andra absurda nivåer som nämns av de som antingen missade tåget och vill kliva på eller de som inte gillar guld eftersom det utgör ett hot mot deras egna affärer bör läsa artikeln nedan:

China Central Bank Advisor Urges Increase In Official Gold And Silver Reserves

And so the long anticipated incursion by the PBOC, whose holdings of gold are behind even those of GLD, begins. Bloomberg has just reported, that ”China central bank adviser Xia Bin said the country should increase its gold and silver reserves, the Economic Information Daily reported today, citing an interview with Xia.” But how can this be: after all China has trillions in USD-denominated reserves, and any indication that it believes these are based on a currency that may actually be impaired will be an act of Mutual Assured Destruction. Well, yes and no. China is merely taking the next defection step in what is already failed Nash equilibrium. The first? The Fed’s gross monetization of all US debt. The observant ones will realize that Chinese holdings in November were lower than they were in June of 2009! Who has picked up the slack? Why the Federal Reserve of course. Simply said, the Fed is explicitly making China’s creditor status increasingly less relevant. Zero Hedge has long been wondering how much longer China will take this direct defection in what previously had been a stable equilibrium balance in which China provides the US vendor financing, while the US imports China’s crap. As the Criminal Reserve is increasingly taking away the leverage that China used to enjoy as Creditor numero uno, it is only a matter of time before China fires back. And it may have just done that.

More from Bloomberg:

China should encourage foreign companies to list in the yuan-denominated market, the report said, citing Xia. The nation should slow the overseas listings of Chinese companies, especially resources related, strategic and monopoly firms, the report said, citing Xia.

For now this is still merely sabre ratling. However, one day soon, a report will come out confirming that the PBOC has purchased anywhere between 10 and 100 tonnes of gold (which it is rumored to be doing now in the form of stealth accumulation). That’s when things for the gold shorts, especially those whose massive position shorts have been grandfathered by the C(riminal)FTC, will get ugly.

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Dagens bild: Snacka om skuldfälla, Fed utökar försprånget till Kina

EU överväger utöka återbetalningstid för Grekland och Irland till 30 år

För den som mot förmodan behöver mer bevis för att Grekland och Irland och länder som i framtiden kommer bli ‘räddade’ aldrig kommer att betala tillbaka sitt ‘räddningsbidrag’, bör kolla in nyheten från Reuters nedan.

DAVOS-EU may extend Greek, Irish bailouts to 30 years-sources

Jan 28 (Reuters) – European Union officials are considering extending euro zone bailout loans to Greece and Ireland to 30 years in a bid to draw a line under the bloc’s debt crisis, two euro zone sources said on Friday.

The sources said European Central Bank Governing Council member Axel Weber, head of Germany’s influential Bundesbank, had suggested stretching out the maturities from three years for Greece and seven for Ireland as part of a comprehensive package to overcome the crisis.

The idea surfaced in intensive talks among euro zone ministers, central bankers and officials on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, the sources said.

”There are all sorts of ideas. I don’t know how much weight this one carries. But of course it’s not unheard of. Britain and some other countries only paid off some World War One bonds just recently,” a senior euro zone source said.

Kommentaren i artikeln som antyder att detta på något sätt är normalt är rent löjeväckande då Storbritannien (och övriga länder) har tagit upp nya massiva lån för att betala av gamla lån. Sicken soppa och sicken propaganda.

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Dagens bild: Amerikanska M2 noterar största ökningen sedan 2008

Här är en kommentar från ZeroHedge:

Desperation kitchen sink anyone? The M2, which up until now was merely diagonal, is about to go parabolic. In the week ending 1/17/2011, Seasonally Adjusted M2 surged by $46.6 billion, the biggest weekly increase in the broadest tracked monetary aggregate (ever since the cost-cutting associated with discontinuing the M3) since 2008. One look at the chart below indicates precisely what is fueling the endless market ramp. Furthermore, for those who realize there is a 93% correlation between M2 and gold, we would certainly recommend putting on the M2/Gold convergence trade on.

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The Shak Attack – om mannen som påstås ligga bakom måndagens historiska ras i öppna positioner för guld

Ett av de stora samtalsämnena på fredagen bland guldinvesterare var en artikel i Wall Street Journal, i vilken tidningen påstod att man hittat förklaringen till måndagens historiska ras i open interest för guld. Enligt tidningen berodde detta på att en liten handlare, vid namn Daniel Shak, med endast 10 miljoner dollar i eget kapital kunde kontrollera terminskontrakt för guld till ett värde av hela 850 miljoner dollar, motsvarande 10% av hela den amerikanska terminsmarknaden.

Att Shak konde kontrollera så många terminskontrakt berodde på att han tagit en gigantisk sk ‘calendar spread‘ position, där man t ex går kort på spotmarknaden och sedan hedgar dessa positioner med att gå lång i terminskontrakt som ligger längre fram i tiden. Har man en hedgad position så är marginalkraven mycket lägre då riskerna är lägre. När Shak sedan beslutade sig för att likvidera hela sin position så skall detta alltså ha resulterat i det gigantiska ‘open interest’ raset, varför många refererar till händelsen som The Shak Attack.

Här är ett utdrag från WSJ:

A huge trade by a tiny hedge fund has sent shudders through the gold market.

Thanks to the nature of futures trading, Daniel Shak’s $10 million hedge fund held gold contracts valued at more than $850 million, more than 10% of the main U.S. futures market, and the equivalent of South Africa’s annual gold production.

But as gold prices started falling this year, the trade, which was a combination of being long and short gold contracts—bets that prices will both rise and fall—started going bad. Monday, he liquidated his position, and is returning money to clients.

As a result, the number of gold contracts on CME Group Inc.’s Comex division plunged more than 81,000, to about 500,000, the biggest single reduction ever. While his trade didn’t account for all of the contracts, an average daily move is about 3,000 to 5,000 contracts.

That Mr. Shak and his firm, SHK Asset Management, could control one of the largest positions in the gold market underscores how leverage can enable investors to control huge positions in many commodity markets.

”Yeah, that was just me liquidating my spread position,” Mr. Daniel Shak, [of SHK Asset Management] 51 years old, said in an interview. ”I had a significant, fully margined position. The dollar amount of the gold liquidation was very small, it was just a lot of contracts.”

Uppmärksamma och regelbundna läsare kanske såg att ‘S-P’ uppmärksammade WSJ-artikeln tidigt och postade en länk till artikeln bland kommentarerna på bloggen igår. Jag fann givetvis artikeln mycket intressant, men min magkänsla var att det var något som inte kändes helt rätt och att detta behövde undersökas vidare. Det verkar som om jag inte var ensam om denna känsla. Det här är vad Bill Murphy hade att säga:

That story had me scratching my head. Spread trading is mostly a function of interest rates, which are very low right now and not moving. In my old career I put on thousands of spread trades at a time. It is very difficult for me to imagine just spread trades in gold doing that kind of damage. Something is not right with that story.

Och Adrian Douglas från GATA var ännu mer skeptisk:

Everyone is happily touting this story to explain the 81,000 OI cratering on Monday which was the biggest one day drop of OI in history. . NOT SO FAST. This is baloney in my opinion.

The last COT report shows total spreads in managed money were 63,507 contracts. This ”Shak” dude is a money manager so how did he liquidate 81,000 contracts? The total reported spreads were 103,947…are we meant to believe that this one dufus from Las Vegas had 80% of all spread contracts!!??

The WSJ article just stinks. For example people don’t say things like ”Yeah, that was just me liquidating my spread position,” Mr. Shak, 51, said in an interview. In the article it says he was down 70% but quotes him as follows: ”I just chose to close, I didn’t like my positions so I chose to liquidate, I wasn’t forced. I was in the process of closing anyway.”…You have to be kidding me!…70% down ”he didn’t like his positions”!! That’s just the sort of thing an average Joe will say!

The Commodity Exchange Act provides anonymity for traders …we are still waiting for the investigation from 2008 in what happened in silver and who did what yet WSJ in a matter of days gets the name and all the trading info about the ”Shak Attack”. This is an early April Fool’s spoof and very conveniently put out to kill everyone’s curiosity…move along nothing to see here just one guy liquidating 81,000 spread contracts!

Let’s hear it for the CFTC and the gold cartel and Obama’s goal of more transparency!

Vi har sett otaliga bevis för vad bankerna är kapabla till för att dölja sina smutsiga och illegala aktiviteter, det är därför fullt rimligt att vara skeptisk när man läser en artikel som den i WSJ.

Bankerna har under en längre tid anklagats för att manipulera marknaden för guld och silver, där deras gigantiska negativa papperspositioner varit en hörnsten. Bankerna skulle ta varje möjlighet att kunna skylla dessa positioner på en liten handlare som Shak, eller till och med erbjuda stora pengar till en någon som Shak för att ‘ta på sig skulden’ och därmed kunna fortsätta med sina aktiviteter. Jag säger definitivt inte att detta är fallet med Shak, men det är fullt möjligt, och motivet finns helt klart.

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