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80% sannolikhet ÄR bevis på manipulation

I samband med GATAs konferens i London för lite drygt ett år sedan hade jag nöjet att lyssna till James McShirley, som med sin enorma ammunition av statistik över guldprisets rörelser genom åren gjorde både mig och sannolikt alla som lyssnade övertygade om att guldpriset ÄR manipulerat.

Förhoppningsvis kommer ‘Liborgate’ att medföra ett litet ‘uppvaknande’ bland de som fortfarande slumrar.

Här är ett rykande färskt inlägg från James där han sammanställer de mest sannolika manipulationerna av guldpriset.

80% probability IS proof of manipulation

The most overwhelming statistical anomaly is merely the sheer quantity of anomalous manipulations. Most all of these gold manipulations have at least an 80% chance of occurring. To me this is the most incredible part of gold rigging, that certain patterns have 80% or more probabilities of success of happening. Some gold riggings, such as the 1% and 2% rule have closer to 90% probabilities. This can only happen with either official blessing or incredibly deep pockets, or both. Here are 17 manipulations I have either statistically identified with certainty, or am nearly certain have 80% or more chances. I’m sure there are even more if anybody wants to research it further.

* NY trading hours the predominant selling, Asia, others the predominant buying.

* PM fix either lower, or no higher than $5 than the AM fix.

* Gold trading higher from last PM fix on Friday to 1st AM fix on following Monday.

* 1% rule and 2% rule.

* The 2%, 1%, steady, down hard pattern.

* Percentage of sudden, violent plunges drastically exceeds any sudden gains.

* Outside key reversal day negation.

* Technical breakout negation.

* Failed follow-through rally after big daily gain.

* Selloff on jobs report day.

* Selloff on Fed speak day.

* Selloff on London close.

* Selloff on Comex open, or by 9:00AM.

* Selloff tipped off in advance by declining gold stocks just prior.

* Selloff tipped off in advance by weak silver trading just prior.

* Selloff at 3:00 AM signaling upcoming NY Comex weakness.

* A top is reached even when the majority of pundits and ”experts” are calling it.

Friday was the 2% cap job on a rally. Monday was the failed follow-through rally after a big daily gain. Yesterday and today have been Fed speak days, and totally consistent with the long-standing statistical anomalies in all 4 days gold either got capped precisely, or got pressured. The statistical evidence clearly shows gold manipulation is systemic, daily, and on both a micro and macro level.

James Mc

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Bill Murphy om ‘Lieborgate’:

”Certainly this scandal ought to shut up those who have claimed over the years that if gold and silver were manipulated, a whistleblower would have stepped forward. Well, guess what, the LIBOR scandal is far more grandiose, with way more participants involved, and NO whistleblower stepped forward.”


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