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Dagens citat

Dagens citat kommer från den alltid lika frispråkige Bill Holter:

The paper games in gold are all but over and the world is wising up to the fact that if they buy metal it had better be heavy and shiny. In my mind precious metals have become a no brainer even for those without brains

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Fed pumpade in gigantiska 16 biljoner dollar för att förhindra en systemkollaps

En del av er kanske noterade att i slutet på förra veckan så presenterades resultatet av den revision av Federal Reserve som pågått under drygt ett år efter ett initiativ av Bernie Sanders (och givetvis efter mycket motstånd från Fed bör tilläggas).

Det visar sig att Federal Reserve pumpade in gigantiska 16 biljoner dollar (drygt svenska kronor) i det finansiella systemet (dvs till banker, institutioner och företag världen över) i samband med ‘finanskrisen’ för att förhindra att pyramidspelet kollapsade på en gång. Nästan hälften (7,75 biljoner) gick till fyra amerikanska banker – Citigroup (2 biljoner), Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch (1,9 biljoner och de överlevde inte ens) samt Bank of America.

Sanders kommentar: ”This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.

Och här är en kommentar från den frispråkige Bill Holter:

$16 Trillion! This amount is larger than the entire GDP of the U.S. in one year, it is larger than all the debt accumulated in more than 200 years …and just exactly where did this money come from? Uh, it did not show up on the Fed’s already bloated balance sheet that has been the topic of conversation as of late. Do I even need to ask where it came from? $16 Trillion!

And to think the U.S. taxpayers were all in an uproar and so pissed off in late 2008 when Hank Paulson told us he needed the PALTRY sum of $700 Billion with no strings attached so he could ”save us”. Can you imagine the PANIC if people knew that $16 Trillion was just conjured up out of thin air and passed out all over the planet? After the shock that this number brought me I started thinking to myself that if it took THIS MUCH money to save the system, how close were we really to a complete implosion? I’ll tell you, this number really put the whole thing in perspective for me, $16 Trillion, 16,000,000,000,000, or $16,000 BILLION. Sixteen Thousand Billion Dollars! I mean this is a number that some 5 year old kid would make up when they mean a ”really really lot”!

För en påminnelse om precis hur mycket 16 biljoner dollar verkligen är kolla in denna sida. Här kan du även se hur mycket 114 biljoner dollar är (USAs samtliga utestående skulder).

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Dagens citat: Greece is barely a noticeable pimple on the global financial elephant’s arse!

Dagens citat kommer från den frispråkige Bill Holter:

What ”the markets” are ignoring (with government and media help) is that Greece is barely a noticeable pimple on the global financial elephant’s arse!

The bigger boys are still standing in line waiting their turn. This is all about keeping a ”lid” on the situation and not allowing reality to reach the public.

Think about it, if Greece as small as it is can and will implode the banking system, what happens if they are bailed out and another bigger player comes into focus?

If Greece is such a problem then how big is the problem when Italy, Spain, Britain and then ultimately the U.S. are in the crosshairs? …and just one other small question worth mentioning…WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM for more bailouts?

Hittade även en passande bild:

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Ytterligare något för otåliga gruvägare att reflektera över

Kräftgången för gruvbolagen fortsätter trots nya rekordnoteringar för guld och silver vilket som sagt sätter tålamodet bland framförallt nytillkomna gruvinvesterare på mycket stort prov. Även om det inte är HELA förklaringen så kan jag ändå bara säga – välkomna till en manipulerad och riggad marknad mina vänner!

Det kommer perioder, som dessa, när många, till blankarnas stora glädje, kommer att tvivla på om det någonsin kommer att ‘lossna’ och kasta in handduken. Är ni med i leken, så får ni leken tåla. För det gäller att ta sig igenom dessa plågsamma perioder för att ta del av den belöning som väntar. De som satsat på bra juniorer sitter sannolikt med uppgångar på flera hundra procent bara det senaste 12 månaderna, vilket sannerligen inte är illa.

Det här är vad den frispråkige Bill Holter hade att säga om dagens farsartade utveckling:

A brief commentary today regarding the bogus and I do mean BOGUS trading action in the metals and shares today. We have witnessed for 10+ years much manipulation, dirty, unethical and even illegal tricks to suppress anything metal, TODAY ABSOLUTELY TAKES THE CAKE!!! Gold was up $15 and Silver over $2 last night in Asia and held those gains until the N.Y. open and then BAM… they are both down now and the HUI is down 13. Ask yourself how that can possibly be? PAPER! That’s how! It will be interesting to see a massive increase in open interest for today’s trading as that would show NEW shorts entering for suppression.

THIS action is occurring immediately after 2 high ranking Chinese officials have said over the weekend that they would like to cut Dollar reserves by 2/3rds or roughly $2 Trillion. This is virtually impossible to accomplish but it does tell you they are no longer buyers. Japan will also obviously not be a buyer as they will need capital to rebuild the country, so now we have the # 1 and 2 owners and past buyers of Treasuries turned seller which leaves ONLY the Federal Reserve as the sole buyer. Can you say ”Ponzi scheme exposed”!? THIS news is supposed to be Gold negative or Dollar positive? Not a chance and what a complete joke and farce! In a free market Gold would be up a minimum $100 today and Silver at least $3, they are not only because your friendly neighborhood ”cabal” is trying to paint a ”top” to scare the bejesus out of you.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS HERE, remain calm and collected with the knowledge that YOU have done the math and logic and that your positions in metal are correct. ”They” absolutely have to throw everything they have at this market here and now to try to break it. The Dollar is collapsing because of fiscal and monetary policies but to continue the illusion ”they” CANNOT allow Silver and Gold to get any more out of control. Maybe they actually get a correction going for a couple weeks, days or only for a few hours, IT DOES NOT MATTER ONE BIT! The game is over and anyone who can add 2+2 is in the process of figuring this out.

All I can say is sit back and relax about your metals positions because soon you will have more important things to worry about, like where to find available gasoline and food! THIS is coming soon, stay prepared.

Och här är en kommentar från Bill Murphy:

The action in the gold and silver shares is beyond a joke. Short term, due to hedge funds, a clueless public, or The Gold Cartel doing their pitiful thing, ANYTHING can happen. All I know is, as right as those of us on Planet GATA have been on gold and silver these past many years, we will be right on what is coming down the pike for the gold/silver shares. All that is needed is patience and, if you can, add to your positions on the dips.

Kan även varmt rekommendera att läsa följande förklaring från ‘Dave in Denver’:

I’ll Take A Crack At Explaining The Performance Of The Mining Shares

There’s been reams of discussion recently about the performance of the mining shares relative to the price of gold/silver. I believe a lot of the disappointment in the performance of the shares is because the metals have been hitting new highs almost every day now. But there are a lot of ”levers,” or variables, that drive mining share valuation – not just metal in the ground multiplied out by the price of gold/silver. And make no mistake about it, the HUI and XAU have been hitting new all-time highs during this period, so anyone not making money in the mining shares should reassess their strategies and anyone not happy with their bounty will probably always be a malcontent.

But rather than let our views get overwhelmed by conpiracy theories and childish whining, let’s cut to the chase and just look at some numbers and market theory. I’m going to keep this simple for illustrative purposes. To begin with, the price of a stock at any given time largely reflects the current fundamental value, or instrinsic value, of the company plus some expection of the company’s future prospects. So if a mining stock is priced at $50, that value reflects everything that is currently known about the company and its industry fundamentals PLUS it contains some value that reflects what the market thinks will happen in the future. So for a solid mining stock at $50, that price contains the public knowledge that gold is at $1500 PLUS some ”discounted value” for the expectation/probability that the price of gold will be higher in the future. So just because gold goes from $1400 to $1500, if the market thinks that $1500 is all we’ll see, the price of the stock won’t move. This is ”rational expectations” theory in a nutshell and is good for explaining a large part of stock market valuations, everything else being equal.

Now, what I believe, and what has been the case for the duration of this 10+ year bull market, is that MOST of the market players do not understand gold or why it’s moving higher AND they believe gold has topped out every time it hits a new high. This is GREAT news for the minority contingency who DO understand the dynamics, because at some point the size of the market that does come to understand the market will grow larger and the cash pools flowing into the sector will grow at a geometric rate, accelerating the push higher in these mining stocks. I personally believe that we will see at least $5000 gold. But think about the small percentage of market players that actually believe $2000 is even possible. Probably less than 5%. The price of mining stocks reflects this huge imbalance between the ”knowers” – gold bulls – and the skeptics – the 95% who think I’m nuts. This dynamic is part of what is known as the ”efficient markets” hypothesis and I believe that the market is being very ”inefficient” in its understanding of the precious metals. Because of this, and this view of the market has been proved correct for the past 10 years because the metals sector has substantially outperformed ALL other asset classes, I believe that there are still huge profits to be made in this sector up until the entire market has knowledge and understanding. THAT is when we will be in the bubble phase. Until then I believe there is still a lot of easy ”information arbitrage” profits to be had.

There’s a lot of other factors at play as well. As my good friend and colleague ”Jesse” has pointed out, there is a 50% correlation between the SPX and gold and a very high correlation between the SPX and the mining stocks. The SPX is about 3% below the high it hit in mid February. So if the mining stocks are lagging the performance of gold, a meaningful part of this lag can be attributed to the overall weakness in the stock market. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not read his work on this: LINK

From a technical perspective, Dan Norcini wrote an excellent description of a ”ratio” trade that is being played en masse in the hedge fund community, in which they go long a gold ETF and short the mining shares. This is an excellent piece that I believe explains a lot about what is going on: LINK Because I know from experience that big NYC hedge funds all travel in herds, I know that there is a ”herd” of cash playing this trade and that most of the players do NOT know about, and could care less about, what gold is doing and why. Suffice it to say that there is a large pool of capital that is long gold/silver and short the mining stocks. Because the universe of mining stock shares is very illiquid compared to the broad stock market, the effect of a lot of cash shorting the shares will ”exaggerate” the price pressure put on them. But of course, as Norcini points out, the reversal of this trade en masse will send the mining shares higher very quickly in violent fashion. So get ready for that ride because it will come.

Finally, there’s some other important ”levers” that go into valuing mining stocks besides the price of gold and the amount of metal in the ground. The two biggest factors are cost and risk. Energy represents about 50% of the cost of actual mining. So a high production mining company’s expenses increase rapidly when the dollar declines rapidly and the price of oil appreciates rapidly. This fact is not lost on the market and is reflected in a lesser valuation multiple assigned to stocks in this industry. In addition, the cost of labor increases AND so do regulatory costs. Regulatory costs include taxes and environmental legislation.

And finally, and especially relative to 10 years ago, the political risk and costs associated with that factor have escalated substantially over the last 10 years. Just ask any mining company with operations in Venezuela or Bolivia. Although you can’t quantify this risk on paper, I guarantee anyone reading this that the market collectively will assign a discount factor to the sector based on political risk expectations. So, for example, the price of gold can move from $1000 to $1500, but if the market thinks a couple of countries in South America and Africa will either massively increase mining tariffs OR outright nationalize operations, this expectation will be reflected with relatively lower valuations in relation to a big move higher in gold. And trust me, as the price of gold continues to escalate, the risk that ”have not” Governments seize the bounty increases. I promise you this is a factor in the performance of the shares.

Now having said all that – and please make no mistake about it – I am NOT saying that manipulation is not a sizable factor in the mining shares, it is my view that the price of gold/silver will continue to appreciate a LOT more rapidly than the true cost of energy, labor, regulation and geopolitical risk. AND if you have a carefully selected portfolio of large cap and small cap mining shares, you will make a fortune.

I will say that our fund has been weighted about 60/40 metal/miners since the beginning of the year because we felt that the price of the metal would outperform the shares on a risk/return basis. I will also say that if you have a VERY carefully picked selection of junior exploration mining stocks that you might get wealthy off of them. Most people, even those heavily involved in this sector, are not at all aware of the degree to which penny mining stocks shot up during the 1970’s. Many of the today’s junior mining stocks will have breath-taking moves over the next five years. Because junior miners do not have the cost of mining attached to their operations, the hope of the next massive discovery will eventually capture the imagination of the investing public and speculative money will eventually flood into the juniors. This is a wave that I know is coming and that I want to ride, especially since I believe we have picked some companies that have a good shot at actually finding some big discoveries (you learn a lot about selection and whom to talk to and whom to trust after doing this sector exclusively for 10 years).

We have the stock side of our fund weighted about 50/50 between juniors and large caps. The percentage in juniors will likely increase when we decide that the risks mentioned above have been overly discounted by the stock market and the miners are ready for another big move. In other words, we hope to get a little lucky with market timing but if we don’t we still will make a lot of money for our investors because of our junior mining stock exposure.

I hope this helps clarify what I believe is going on right now.

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Finansiella konsekvenserna av katastrofen i Japan

På ett sätt känns det givetvis hemskt att fokusera på finansiella aspekter efter en sådan här tragedi, men jag vill i alla fall rekommendera att läsa följande snabbanalys och första kommentar till vad vi möjligtvis kan vänta oss efter katastrofen i Japan från Bill Holter (via Midas):

What now? I am not sure.

To all; the earthquake, tsunami, massive destruction and potential meltdowns of several nuclear reactors have back burnered Arab riots, monetary and fiscal bickering and drownings in Europe and the fiscal awakenings in several U.S. states and on the federal level. Of course Wall Street’s reaction on Friday was to levitate in the face of probably the worst natural disaster in 100 years or more (what else would you have expected?). Left on their own, markets will collapse because a very major link in the financial derivatives daisy chain has now broken. The fact that ALL markets are NEVER ”left to their own” anymore, your guess is as good as mine as to how the markets will react.

My immediate thought process is that Japan will not be able to perform on many of it’s obligations meaning that ”force majeur” and bankruptcy will be claimed in many instances. Oil may drop because immediate demand will slacken, copper, lumber, steel, cement etc. may initially drop in a deflationary wave but demand will eventually explode as Japan’s need for these products comes on line for rebuilding. The ramifications are mind boggling and confusing to me at this point. U.S. Treasury supply (read necessary purchases by the Fed) will explode as Japan will surely be a seller to repatriate necessary capital for rebuilding. Not that the Fed had any ability (pre earthquake) to stop QE never mind actually withdraw funds (actually tighten) but now global QE will need to ratchet up even more.

I am sure that bearish stories will abound for Gold pre market tomorrow and may persist for a while, please keep in mind that monetarily and financially the earthquake is a disaster on a global basis. What had been such a buzzword ”globalization” will now be hidden from public view. Financially and monetarily the world is globalized and nearly everyone IS sleeping in the same financial bed, TPTB will do all they can to disavow this fact and spin Japan as the tragedy that it is but not one with far reaching ramifications. Don’t believe this if you value your financial life! When all is said and done, central banks far and wide will need to pump currency as hard as they can to cushion this disaster. GOLD BULLISH in the long run!

As I said before, I am confused. TPTB may ”use” this situation as an ”excuse” to allow what has been the inevitable, ie. collapse of the entire system. They may have no other choice. ANYTHING can happen from here, equities rally or collapse, the Dollar rally or collapse, the same for commodities. I am sorry for not having a handle on this but as fragile as the entire system was, it is now even more tenuous. I can envision nearly any scenario from here but as interconnected as the financial markets are I would expect ”failures” of all sorts within a couple of weeks. Japan is a HUGE link in the western banking chain that has broken because of economic paralyisis. Will we witness bank runs in Japan? Food is already being hoarded and shelves are emptying, gas and elctricity are being rationed, does this go global because of a derivatives meldown? In my mind the question is whether or not ”failures to perform” by Japanese intitutions (banks and insurance companies) will lead to more global failures.

As stated I don’t have a handle on this but my fear is that this will lead to financial failures at a time when the global population was already pissed off and ready to explode anyway. The best I can tell you is to be ready for anything, ANYTHING, no matter how remote it may seem. Make sure you are supplied to survive a financial disaster equal to the natural disaster that Mother Nature has just wrought. Remember, distribution does not occur if banks are not open. I will obviously write more on this as it becomes more clear to me. Regards and prayers, Bill H.